Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh Boi Oh Boi! New Mag and Creativity!!!

The owners and Editor in Chief of Oh Boi Magazine, an online and virtual world magazine, have hired me (aka Temoren Drathman) as a Graphic Artist and Photographer. I came in on their 5th issue and have hopefully helped them pick up some pieces and create a more streamlined style that exemplifies a little more grit and texture... more REAL in a not so Real SecondLife world.

The magazine published its first issue back in March of this year. It is an LGBT mag that has had a rocky beginning with many staffing changes and real world headaches even for a virtual world mag.

I am so very excited to be providing ideas, layout, content, and focus, in this amazing venture and am hoping that it continues for a long time to come. The staff we have now are extremely talented individuals along with a great management team. If you venture into SecondLife, are in the LGBT community, or have anything you would like to contribute, PLEASE contact me or email Adri, the Editor in Chief, at

We have a blog as well and some exciting new features in the works. We would like to invite you into OUR world with Oh Boi Magazine!

Here is Issue #5 for August. Hope you enjoy and leave feedback!

Monday, April 26, 2010

***Concert*** Playin for my Trip!!! Second Life LIVE Music Event!

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my whole trip to Scotland to see the love of my life because of the Ash Cloud recently. I am going to have to reschedule but it is going to cost me quite a bit more money to do so. So, I plan on playing one concert a week until I get up enough to cover the difference. So instead of Playin for my Supper, I am Playin for my Trip!!! WOOT.

Come on down to the Isle of Lesbos Mall and Bunnyarium and hang out with me and my friends for an hour! I will be playing my original music and a new cover I have been working on... something simple but sweet.

I will put the SLURL in here so Mark it on your Calendar for Tomorrow, Tuesday the 27th of April, at 2pm SLT (Eastern Time for those not familiar with Second Life).

If you do not have a Second Life account GET ONE!! If you don't want to do that, message me and I can send you the link to listen to my stream if you can't be In World at the time.

Hugs and Hope to see you all there!!!

True aka Temoren Drathman

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Future New Photos and Name My iMac!!!

I am getting ready for my upcoming trip back to Scotland. I have no idea what the weather is going to be like but I can pretty much guarantee that I will not come out of there with anything but spectacular shots. I haven't really had my camera out since I was there just last August. The bug only hits me on occasion but I am not passing up taking my usual 2000 shots. Actually, I am hoping that I do NOT take as many this time simply because I had soooooo many to go through when I got home that there are still gems that have yet to be found in those pics.

Things have been fun and exciting for me in my Second Life world. I still have my gallery up and going and you can visit that in world just by searching my name and looking through my Pics. (I should have a SLURL in here later for those of you who like convenience :) I have recently been hired to do a wedding and to do some profile pics. Unfortunately, I am waiting on my software so that I can edit those photos. Yes, that is right... new software. Actually it isn't new software. I have had Adobe CS4 Web Premium package for a while now, BUT it was for the Windows platform. Got it now? Well, you see, what had happened was (hehe) my tax return was very kind to me and allowed me to get my Shiney New iMac 27" QUAD Core. It is an insane machine and I have yet to name her (as anything that is this expensive should have her own name right? Well I guess I need to name my Nikon D5000 then as well LOL)

This thing sports a higher resolution that 1080p. I didn't think that was possible. I will be sitting at my iMac and then turn on my laptop for something and have to almost squint at the dullness of the screen. That is saying a LOT since that Dell Inspiron is not a foolish little monster at all, it is quite nice in its own right. It just does NOT compare to the elegant yet FIERCE machine that sits before me. She is faster than MANY computers out there and performs insanely sexily!

Ok, enough drolling over my Goddess of an iMac (hmmm maybe I should find a good Goddess name for her... something elegant yet POWERFUL). Wait.. that is it. I have a CHALLENGE FOR YOU!!! Anyone that reads this blog needs to comment here at blogspot with your ideas for what I should name my new iMac. I have already given the ideas that I have earlier here in the blog, but I would love to see what you all come up with!


Monday, January 25, 2010

The Omni Market is Closing $50L Sale!

Unfortunately, the Omni Market Art Gallery in Second Life is closing. This is where I first started showing my photography in Second Life. It is sad to know that it is leaving. I know that it is a big thing to be able to put out a large venue such as it was. I do hate to see it go. However, I do understand that there is a time for everything and it once was the #1 Art Gallery in all of Second Life. I am very proud to have been a part of it.

I am setting all of my photography at that gallery to only $50L for a Sim Clearance Sale. If you would like to come down and check it out, just click on this SLURL: TRUE Visions at the Omni Market

If you make a purchase, send me a notecard letting me know because I will then give you the pick of another one you want for free. So it is also Buy One Get One Free.. Just tell me you saw this blog and it will be a done deal. You will need to send that notecard to my avatar in Second Life Temoren Drathman. My IM's tend to get capped so a notecard will be necessary to get your second piece of work.

Again, thank you Omni Market, for helping to inspire me to put my work out there for all of SL and people all over the world to see. I owe you a lot and wish you nothing but the best!

Melissa True
aka Temoren Drathman

If you have any questions let me know :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

TRUE Visions Photography Blog Launch!

Welcome to the first official blog posting of my TRUE Visions Photography Blog. Here you will find postings of all my events as they happen. I have one main Gallery in Second Life and 3 other satellite galleries. You can find the SLURL in my links off to the right as well as links to my main website and printroom where you can order my photography in print form or on mugs, t-shirts, aprons, and a wide array of gifts.

Subscribe to my RSS feed for updates on my next post.  If you are in Second Life and have all of your groups full, this will be a great place to subscribe to my posts!

I will be running specials all year long on my photography. Right now, at my printroom you can get 10% off your order of $30 or more!!! Each order will go towards funding my next trip to Scotland and my eventual move over there.

Pass this site on to your friends or anyone you feel would enjoy Fine Art Photography. I love what I do and hope that you enjoy seeing things through my lens. If you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns please send me an email to and I promise I will respond immediately!

Melissa True
TRUE Visions Photography